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Current Research on the History of Economics in Switzerland and Beyond (4 June 2019)

  • Venue: Universität Zürich, Ethics Center, room ZOB E 2
  • Organisers: Catherine Herfeld (University of Zurich) and Harro Maas (University of Lausanne)
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  • Monika Wulz (ETH Zurich & ZGW)
    • Towards a Political Economy of Knowledge: Ernest Solvay’s Energetic Sociology
  • Daniel Speich Chassé (University of Lucerne)
    • When Economics Went Over-Seas. Epistemic Problems in the Macroeconomic Analysis of Late Colonial Africa
  • François Allisson (University of Lausanne)
    • Writing and Reading Between the Lines: Methodological Guidelines to Deal with Censorship
  • Verena Halsmayer (University of Lucerne)
    • Notions of ’Genauigkeit’ in Economic Planning
  • Marius Kuster (University of Lausanne)
    • Disturbing the Balance: Gambling, Lotteries and Speculation at the End of the 19th Century
  • Mary O’Sullivan (University of Geneva)
    • Wesley Clair Mitchell and his Quest for Profits